Packing for Paris- Beauty Essentials by Greta Eagan

You know what they say, 'Paris is always a good idea.' And I couldn't agree more. Next month, I will be traveling to The City of Light, and will have all my beauty and travel essentials in tow. Before I visit a city, I like to scope out the scene online and try to get a sense for the style and attitude of the place. That way I will know what to bring! In packing for Paris, it is all about being classic and understatedly cool. A few choice pieces that are likely designer and of top quality fit the bill for fashion. On the beauty front, a Parisian woman is a timeless beauty who religiously uses her favorite products and a touch of makeup to perfect her look. They've got the 'no makeup makeup' look down! So, with a Carlo Ronchi toiletry bag from Manifatto, I've rounded up the beauty essentials perfect for Paris. I was thrilled to partner up with Manifatto for this post. They are a new online webshop curating the best in quality made goods that are classic and built to last from some of Europe's best manufacturers and designers. #ethical #fair #quality #local

Watch the video below to see what I'm packing, and you can shop the links a bit further down if you see anything you need for an upcoming trip. xx

Quick Stop in So Cal by Greta Eagan

I recently took a little trip to Southern California to spend the week with my family. After bundling up and bracing the negative temps in Wyoming this winter, the Cali sun was warmly welcomed! This outfit came together as a casual and cool look for lunch with my stepdad. I layered an Eileen Fisher tank with silk bowtie shorts (I got in Tokyo a few years back) and a denim button down. Tucking in the top and then pulling it out almost all the way so it creates a fold, as well as wearing the shorts a little higher up than usual, creates a 'romper' look with two pieces. I love pieces like this tank and shorts- which are so versatile when you are packing light!

PS- The minute I knew I was going to California, I called and booked an appointment with Masa from Terra Hair Design in La Jolla! Masa is a world renowned stylist and gives the perfect long layered cut with enough layers for interest and lightness, while maintaining length. What I loves most (aside from our gabbing about the best places to visit in Tokyo) is how 'lived in' a cut Masa gives. There is no adjustment period while you wait for it to grow out to where you want it to be. His cuts are always ready for prime time and look great from the beginning all  the way until you need your next cut (sometimes I stretch mine for months or even a year!).