Back to School BackPacks for Adults by Greta Eagan

Back to school backpacks aren't just for kids. The backpack trend is going strong, so take advantage and snatch up a stylish option to swap out with your every day handbag. 

TASSEL BACKPACK, LaLesso, £ 54.00. I love the fringe detail on this backpack. You'll definitely set yourself away from the crowd with an accessory like this. #handmade #fair #madeinSouthAfrica

CRESCENT CREEK BACKPACK, Pendleton, $218.99. I'd love to see this backpack against a similar off white coat. Its a perfect day pack size with classic Americana flair. #naturalfibers #madeinUSA

GREEN BOGOTA MOCHILA BAG, Miss Mochila, $395. Extend the summer vibe with this ellectric bag. #naturalfibers #handmadeinColombia 

IPHONE SAC, Claire Vivier, $158. A smaller companion bag for when you need just enough space for your wallet, smart phone and lipstick. #ethicallymade #madeinUSA

No Evil Bomber by Greta Eagan

The varsity or bomber jacket is quickly becoming one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. It is such an easy and cool layer that is casual and still on trend. I was thrilled to collaborate with Amour Vert to create this limited No Evil x Amour Vert bomber in honor of the release of my book Wear No Evil. This whole ensemble is one of my go-to travel outfits. Super comfortable with layers, flats and an oversized tote to carry on my in-flight essentials. 

BOMBER ART JACKET (similar to one shown), Amour Vert, $154. #madeinUSA #fair #sustainablefabrics

PLAID BOYFRIEND SHIRT, Cynjin, $285. #madeinUSA #naturalfibers

DANNY PANT, Steven Alan, $143. #madeinNYC #naturalfibers 

LOW TOP SNEAKER, Vans x Della, $60. #social 

Eco Edit: Miranda Kerr's Midi Skirt Magic by Greta Eagan

The fash pack have deemed the midi skirt a style staple for fall, and with this effortlessly chic ensemble by Miranda Kerr, it is easy to see why. Offering a modest cut, usually accompanied by playful peats or a flared hem line, the midi skirt is one of the easiest ways to inject stye into an existing wardrobe. Pair with a button down and heels for an office outfit, or try a cropped top with ankle boots for something a little more edgy. Or, try Miranda's every day look with these eco chic pieces listed below:

ARMY GREEN MAO JACKET, Hart, $980. The army green jacket is still trending, and this embroidered version is perfect for adding this wardrobe staple with some added interest. #artisanmade #naturalfibers

STRIPED TOP (similar to this one), Heidi Merrick, $125. The perfect under layer for transitioning from summer to fall. #madeinLA #naturalfibers

MIDI SKIRT, The Reformation, $98. The midi length, high waist and flared skirt will keep you twirling down the street. Perfect for pairing with a crop top. #upcycled #madeinUSA 

CHOPPER TOTE, Gunas the Brand, $149. The woven design of this bag makes it a forever classic. #vegan

LUICHINY D'ORSAY PUMP, Lulu's, $89. Add a little spice to your life with these fiery red heels. #vegan

Summer Reading Recap by Greta Eagan

The last time I had a summer reading list was my junior year of high school. The list was a requirement for testing into the AP English class my senior year. I put it off until the last couple weeks of summer, and spent hours each day reading Crime and Punishment (which turned out to be one of my favorite books of all time).

Having a summer reading list this summer naturally evolved from my popping into various bookstores and selecting a book from the 'Recommended Books' section. Some of the books I had heard of (usually on an NPR interview), or read a review about in a magazine, while others were sent to me via PR people. One book I wrote! While others jumped out at me from their shelves and were confirmed as good reads by the sales clerks. All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer of reading. If you are looking for a new book to keep you company at the pool (for these last few weeks of summer) or by your bedside, allow me to suggest any one of the following:


A New York Times bestseller. This book is a wonderful compilation of stories from a witty and intellectual writer. Some stories are a couple of pages long while others span the breadth of a true chapter. All have a laugh out loud humor that flows effortlessly. I would recommend this one for when you don't have time to get into a deeper, more complex novel, and still appreciate the well-written word. This would make a great book for the guest bedroom.

THE ROSIE PROJECT, by Graeme Simsion, $15.99.

NPR called this novel "an utterly winning screwball comedy." And that is was. Light and quirky, this novel takes you into the world of a genetics professor who is so smart and rigid in his efficient lifestyle, he decides to engineer his own match making to the 'perfect' woman. What unfolds is a humorous and touching story of love with a parallel genetics track that keeps the reader reading just one more chapter to find out what happens... A great book for travel or a long weekend spent relaxing.


Last summer, I spent three disciplined months putting my 'wear no evil' system into a book. After a couple of years navigating this new territory of caring not only about where my food came from, and what was in my beauty products, but also recognizing that my purchases in fashion have an impact on both the planet and people involved in the production, I put my graduate research around sustainability in fashion into action! My friend Alysia Reiner (actress, Orange is the New Black) nailed it when she spoke of Wear No Evil as, "finally an approachable, practical, do-able how-to on going green with your wardrobe without sacrificing an iota of style. I love this book!" The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry worldwide, just behind petroleum. Pick up a copy of Wear No Evil and start shopping smarter for yourself, your planet and the generations to come.

AMERICANAH, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, $15.95

When I approached the checkout counter at the Boulder Bookstore with Americanah in hand, the sales girl said, "This book is amazing!" Sold! A rich narrative of a non-American black living in the USA, shares her story of growing up in Nigeria and then moving to the US and back to Nigeria. The racial and socio-economic issues of our country that are often pushed under the rug speak to us head on in this important novel. An eye opening story that changes the way you relate to immigrants, as well as all our brothers and sisters of various race. A must-read for today's global citizens who appreciate intelligent insight and amazing literature. 

GIRLBOSS, by Sophia Amoruso, $26.95

Girl power takes on a whole new meaning in Amoruso's GIRLBOSS! I relate this entrepreneur inspiring book as the cool kids version of Lean In. Amoruso is known for her outspoken style and filterless live out loud mentality. She holds nothing back in her tale of how she went from dumpster diving to running a $100 million plus online retailer, Nasty Gal. For anyone who has a dream of doing their own thing, this book provides the inspiration as well as some how-to guidance from a self-started maven herself. 


The PR team associated with this book sent me a copy of Clean Cuisine awhile ago, and this summer I decided to dive in. I have been wanting to revamp my diet and exercise routine for a few months now, and when I started reading Clean Cuisine, it seems the guidance I was looking for found me! Ivy and her husband (md, facs and fasmbs) Andrew tell Ivy's story of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and looking to heal her through food. It makes sense that food would have such an impact on our health and ability to heal. Through their researched and tested diet, they discovered a way of eating (and living) that leads to a naturally healthier body with the added benefits of clearer skin, a younger looking appearance, as well as a supported immune system. If you are trying to make sense of all the fad diets and juice cleanses out there, I suggest you get a copy of Clean Cuisine to better guide your foundation of food and the choices you make each day when you eat. It provided me with enough medical science as well as real life application to be used in my day to day life, and I have already seen and experienced a better body because of it.

My Three Minute Natural Beauty Routine by Greta Eagan

Sometimes I am all about getting really gussied up for a night out, but most of the time I'm pressed for time and like to keep things simple when it comes to my makeup. I've been doing this quick beauty fix for years. It is the easiest way to enhance your natural features and polish off your look without looking like you tried too hard. Follow the steps below to get this natural glow. 

1. Start with clean hands and a fresh clean face. I applied Dr. Alkaitis Treatment Oil to prep my skin with moisture and am finding it is such a wonderful base for a little foundation as it keeps the formula more moist and blends really evenly. (PS- I love that this looks like I'm posing for a passport photo! haha)

2. Pump a pea sized amount of foundation onto the back of your hand and with your finger tips apply to your cheeks, forehead and chin. Blend with outward strokes, and don't forget to use what's left on your finger tips to brush over your eyelids up to your brow bone. This evens out the color around your eyes and makes a huge difference. 

3. Using a fluffy and soft brush, dust a setting powder over your face. I like to use Jane Iredale's Powder-Me SPF 30 to get some necessary sun protection too. 

4. Take a highlighting pencil with a touch of shimmer and apply to the tops of your cheek bones, down the center of your nose and along your brow bones, as well a a touch right at your cupids bow (just above your top lip in the center). Blend with your fingers. 

5. Add a touch of bronzer to both your cheek and temples. I use my same powder brush and squeeze the bristles closer together to that they create  a more narrow fan-like shape for applying bronzer. Sweep the bronzer outwards just under your cheek bones where the cheek tends to hollow slightly to exaggerate your bone structure. A light dusting across your temples just above the eye brow gives you a more even sun-kissed look. I used Amazon Mineral Clay Bronzer from Tarte.

6. Next, use a bright plush to pop the apples of your cheeks and blend outward and downward into your bronzer. I used Tipsy from Tarte- which is a vibrant coral color that you only need a touch of!

7. Finally, apply one coat of mascara with a light hand. Try to apply the mascara evenly and brush through any clumps for the most natural look. The regular (not volumizing) mascara from Dr. Hauschka is my absolute favorite for this kind of look. It is so light and lengthening without clumping of looking spidery. One coat is perfect for a 'no makeup' look and you can always apply a second later at the end of the day before heading out to dinner.

Complete the look with a swipe of tinted lip balm. I like to keep it very neutral and find that even a strawberry or cherry flavored lip balm gives just a hint of color that is perfect. Try this tinted lip shine from RMS Beauty

It may feel like a lot of steps, but the more you do them the quicker you get. I literally can do this whole routine in three minutes flat! The best part is, I feel great when I walk out the door and there is just enough product and layers to last the day before a quick touch up at night. What does your beauty routine entail? Any natural beauty products we should try?

PS- if you like my nails, you can learn to do them yourself with my tulip nail tutorial