Fall Fashion Re-Boot: Top Three Ankle Boots by Greta Eagan

Step forward into fall fashion with confidence. All you need is a stylish pair of ankle boots. The ankle boot is the perfect transition shoe into cooler temps as you can wear it now with a floral dress and leather jacket, and later with skinny jeans and an oversized coat. These are my top three picks to help you enjoy the view from wherever you stand:

MEDINA II BOOT, Sorel, $225. This boot is the best of both worlds- style and a heel to help give you some height, but also grounded with a gripping rubber sole to keep you sure-footed on the snow and ice. Perfection. #fairproduction #corporatesocialresponsibility 

LELA ROSE FRINGE BOOT, Fortress of Inca, $190. The embroidery and fringe set this classic pair a part. #handmade #fair #madeinPeru

STAR BOOT, Freda Salvador, $595. If there was ever a designated 'it girl' boot, this would be it. Fashion forward with a nod to rock n' roll with metal details. These are an investment that are sure to deliver year after year. #fair #artisan #madeinSpain 

Clean Sweep Beauty Routine by Greta Eagan


I've long been hearing about these face wipes that help remove makeup and rebalance the ph levels in your skin, but had yet to try them until NatraCare sent me samples of their new sensitive skin face wipes. After a day of full makeup, I know the benefits of getting skin clean and letting it breathe. I washed my face with Dr. Hauschka's Cleansing Cream (using a wash cloth too), and then did a pass with a NatraCare Cleansing Make-Up Removal towelette. They didn't feel moisturizing, but they didn't sting or irritate my skin either. It was like using a lighter wash cloth, and after I wiped my eyes and the rest of my face I was pleased to see it did its job at removing any traces of makeup that were left.

I followed this double cleansing with a layer of California Natrurel's Nourishing Cream and a touch of Dr. Alkaitis Eye Creme. The next morning, I awoke to very happy skin. I may have to stash these wipes in every bag for when I am traveling or coming off a photo shoot!

* Thanks Natracare for the samples! This post reflects my personal experience with this product.

Black on black on black, with a side of purple by Greta Eagan


No matter how hard I try, I always seem to end up with quite a lot of black in my wardrobe. Maybe it is the after effects of having lived in NYC for over five years, or just what comes with the territory when you have to live out of a suitcase for more than three weeks... Either way, I stumble upon completely black ensembles and feel pretty darn good in them! Luckily, a new wardrobe investment in the form of shoes from Tokyo provided a hint of color of the purple/ maroon variety. 



SWEATSHIRT TEE (similar to this sweatshirt), Reformation #upcycled

MOTTO JACKET, The Sway NYC #upcycled

WIDE BRIM FEDORA, Rag & Bone #madeinUSA #naturalfibers


Tea for Two in San Francisco by Greta Eagan


I am a tea lover, and so when in San Francisco, I always seem to find my way to a local Samovar. Coming back from Japan prompted me to indulge in matcha tea which I have recently developed a taste for. It is a little bit bitter, and very strong, but having sat through tea ceremonies in Japan I finally found myself enjoying its intensity. 

Meeting a friend for a catch up over tea, we sat outside and enjoyed the California weather. One thing I brought back with me from my London days, is that there is always time for tea. If I am in my hometown (hmmm, where exactly is that these days?!) I always like to invite people over for tea. There is something so sweet about inviting a person into your home for a pot of tea. It is more intimate than meeting at a perhaps crowded shop, and I find it really allows you to dive deeper in your conversation (uninterrupted) and get to know the person and share. Next time you have a tea (or coffee) date with a friend, I encourage you to try hosting in your home. 



WIDE BRIM FEDORA HAT, Rag & Bone, $195 #madeinUSA #naturalfibers

CARDIGAN, Sandro #vegan

LEATHER SKIRT (similar to one shown), Reformation #upcycled #madeinLA

CROPPED TOP (similar to one shown), Reformation #upcycled #madeinLA

ST LUIS TOTE (similar to one shown), Goyard #investmentpiece 

SHOES (similar to those shown), Cri de Coeur, $380 #vegan

A Brit + Co visit in San Francisco by Greta Eagan


I've been traveling to San Francisco almost every month now, and the city is quickly becoming a favorite! One of the reasons I love it so much is the creative energy that is literally in the air. I stopped by my friend Brit Morin's office and MakeShop just off Union Square and was hit with the affirmation that cool things happen here.

As the modern day Martha Stewart, Brit and her awesome website (and team behind it), Brit.co, have quickly claimed her rightful spot as a tech-savvy, craft-loving, color-obsessed modern day homemaker. Speaking of which, Brit's book HomeMakers is now available for pre-order! Not only will Brit and her team give advice on how to turn last year's Halloween costume into a new one this year, or dole out festive recipes for entertaining, but they also host ReMake workshops that let you get your craft on yo! 

Jumping on the pop-up shop trend, the Brit + Co team set up a MakeShop that was so well received they've kept it going and turned it from a pop-up into a permanent store with rotating themes and inventory. Sweet. So, if you are in San Fran be sure to stop by and get all your crafting inspiration and materials from MakeShop, and if you aren't in SF, hit up Brit.co for fresh ideas on how to entertain in style, stay up on the home tech gadgets, and cozy in for some crafting this fall.


{My eco-outfit for my visit to Brit + Co}

MOSS SWEATSHIRT (similar to one shown), Reformation, $78. #madeinUSA #upcycled

ARMY GREEN ZIPPER JEANS, H&M Conscious Collection #organiccotton

BYRON JACKET, The Sway, $750. #upcycled