Your Aura is Purple by Greta Eagan

There is so much movement on the eco fashion front it is impossible to keep up with and simultaneously thrilling to continuously learn about new and emerging brands. In running this blog, I have the privilege to open my Inbox and receive introductions to brands with style and ethics virtually every day. One such brand who came across my mailbox was OBA. Their spokeswoman first introduced me to the brand with these key details:

"Using a canvas of all natural silk crepes and organzas, these fabrics are hand-dyed in Korea using a traditional method which only employs all-natural fruit, vegetable, and mineral dyes such as persimmon juice, indigo, ash and charcoal. The fabric is first soaked in a bath of persimmon juice and various natural ingredients, then laid out in an open field to dry in the sun, a cycle which is repeated as many as twenty times until the desired color and pattern are achieved. The use of these distinctive dyed textiles is increasingly rare, as this ancient, artisanal method is delicate, painstaking, and cannot be produced quickly and in mass quantity."

As you can see, the purple of the coat I am wearing is a brilliant hue! Specializing in coats, OBA is an abbreviated Korean phonetic English translation to the word 'overcoat.' their new online webstore is filled with various cuts and colors for the perfect spring or fall layer. I'm excited to see how this brand develops and overjoyed at their artisanal roots. #ethical #vegdyed #naturalfibers

Many thanks to OBA for sponsoring this post.

Packing for Paris- Beauty Essentials by Greta Eagan

You know what they say, 'Paris is always a good idea.' And I couldn't agree more. Next month, I will be traveling to The City of Light, and will have all my beauty and travel essentials in tow. Before I visit a city, I like to scope out the scene online and try to get a sense for the style and attitude of the place. That way I will know what to bring! In packing for Paris, it is all about being classic and understatedly cool. A few choice pieces that are likely designer and of top quality fit the bill for fashion. On the beauty front, a Parisian woman is a timeless beauty who religiously uses her favorite products and a touch of makeup to perfect her look. They've got the 'no makeup makeup' look down! So, with a Carlo Ronchi toiletry bag from Manifatto, I've rounded up the beauty essentials perfect for Paris. I was thrilled to partner up with Manifatto for this post. They are a new online webshop curating the best in quality made goods that are classic and built to last from some of Europe's best manufacturers and designers. #ethical #fair #quality #local

Watch the video below to see what I'm packing, and you can shop the links a bit further down if you see anything you need for an upcoming trip. xx