Wind with a side of brown rice by Greta Eagan

On my last day in Tokyo, the sun finally came out and the rain gave us a much needed break. Though sunny and slightly warmer, the wind was out in full force. I was just so grateful for a nice enough day to wonder and walk the city, that I didn't mind the wind. So, I set out and met up with a new friend who has lived in Tokyo for a long time and writes a lovely blog with a Tokyo focus called Abi Loves. Abi has an amazing international background (she grew up in Switzerland, lived in Paris for a number of years, and now resides in Tokyo), and so her taste is wonderfully diverse and always right on target. She suggested we meet for lunch at Brown Rice Cafe, which is a cafe associated with the Neal's Yard Remedies in Omotesando. Their menu is simple, healthy, and tasty! I had a steamed vegetable bowl with miso soup, Japanese pickled veggies, and of course, brown rice. 


leather jacket, The Sway, NYC, #upcycled #fair

bag, Goyard, #fair

shoes, Manebi, #fair #naturalfibers

(photo credit: Micah Spear)

Spring = Sakura by Greta Eagan

Hello from Japan! I am lucky enough to be in Japan during the cherry blossom season, and it is simply magical. The country is peppered with various hues of white, pink and purple, transforming ordinary streets into beautiful corridors. My favorite part is when the blossoms begin to fall, petal by petal. It looks like falling snow, or joyous confetti sprinkled everywhere from a countrywide celebration. I'll  be posting more soon. Until then, Happy Sakura!