Out and About in Osaka by Greta Eagan


With just one day in Osaka, we toured the various neighborhoods and discovered that Osaka is the secondhand fashion capital of the world! Never have I seen so many re-sale shops with racks and shelves of designer goods all in pristine condition, available for a fraction of their original retail price. The Japanese are way ahead of the rest of us in this area. They take such good care of their items and have no negative stigma around buying designer goods secondhand. I can't recommend enough a stopover in Osaka for some secondhand shopping. Plus, they just opened Harry Potter World there too!  Oh- and the Osaka Aquarium is an absolute must!



TOP & SHERRY SHORTS (worn as a romper), Amour Vert  #madeinUSA #naturalfibers 

CHAMBRAY SHIRT (similar to one shown), Chinti & Parker, $215 #ethicallymade #naturalfibers #CO2neutral 

TOCCI SANDAL (similar to ones shown), Calleen Cordero, $255 #vegetabledyed #madeinUSA 

ST LUIS BAG, Goyard #investmentpiece 

Cruisin' Kyoto by Greta Eagan

For the past few weeks I have been on an awesome Asia adventure- starting in Tokyo, then to Beijing and Tianjin in China, a night in Osaka and Nara... all ending with a few days in Kyoto. Rich in nature and local traditions, Kyoto is always a favorite stop off when we come to Japan. If you haven't yet been, you MUST go! The soba alone is worth it! The shrines are too numerous to visit in one trip, so each time you come back you can visit previous ones that resonated with you and still find new gems to add to your treasure trove. The other great thing about Kyoto is the old Japanese style inns called Ryokans. You stay in a convertible room with tatami matts that host you at a low table (so you can sit on the floor) for breakfast and dinner, and then is moved aside to make way for futons that are rolled out for sleeping. The best part is that many of these ryokans have baths in the basement filled with hot (sometimes therapeutic) water. A daily visit to the bath eases sore muscles from grand days out sightseeing, and is boasted as beneficial for one's skin.


TOP AND SKIRT (worn as a dress), Eileen Fisher, $58.  #ethicallymade #organiccotton

DENIM BUTTON DOWN (similar to one shown), Current Elliot, $100. #naturalfibers

SNEAKERS, Nike Better World x Liberty London #social 

BLACK FEDORA, Rag & Bone, $195. #madeinUSA #naturalfibers

Among the Deer Gods in Nara by Greta Eagan

Visiting the old capital city of Japan, Nara, we were greeted by free roaming deer who are considered gods. Never before have I had the experience of interacting with deer so closely. We were given 'deer biscuits' to offer them (which made them almost overly friendly) and they ate from our hands, allowing for an occasional scratch behind the ears. It truly was a special experience. 

Past the parade of deer, we beheld the oldest wooden building in the world, Todaiji, dating around 1300 years old. Inside was a beautiful bronze buddha with 28 lotus petals around the base which individually each signified a separate universe. The petals are meant to represent the vastness of 'being' that we may not even comprehend- separate from other forms of life and galaxies, yet all still connected as one. Deep thoughts and wisdom were conveyed by our special host, a priest from the historic temple. 

The Great Wall of China by Greta Eagan

Staying at the Commune by the Great Wall, I had glimpses of the wall as we drove in. But when I set out to hike to the Great Wall on a dirt path with jagged rocks jutting out as to compete for attention with the surrounding lush green forest, I had no idea how wondrous seeing the Great Wall of China would be.

On a rare bluebird day (the factories were all shut down for a national holiday and thus the air quality improved dramatically overnight), I made my way on to the wall and began the roller coaster journey of trekking up and down the steep spine of the winding dragon.  Alone, I could not help but mutter out loud an audible 'wow' as I absorbed the magnitude of the wall. Higher, steeper, and longer than you could ever imagine- the Great Wall is indeed great. 

Back at the Commune, I changed out of my hiking gear and into wide legged trousers and a breezy crop top. 


CROP TOP (similar to one shown), Reformation, $98 #upcycled #madeinUSA

WIDE LEG TROUSERS (similar to those shown by H&M Conscious Collection), The Reformation, $188. #upcycled #madeinUSA

Playing Tourist in Beijing by Greta Eagan


There is a first for everything, and this week was my first time visiting mainland China. It is almost indescribable. There is so much history here, and the monuments attest to that, but there is also an explosion of opportunity and middle class wealth that is fueling the building of the country (specifically in the cities) that is happening at breakneck speed. The sheer volume of people is staggering. Like a good first time Beijing tourist, I visited The Temple of Heaven and the Antique Market. I hope you enjoy my photo journey below.